Following ILTA 08 even though I’m not there

I’ve been working on an aggregated feed to keep track of what’s going on at the ILTA conference next week, even though I won’t be there. Right now I’ve got a couple of keyword searches, a Google Blog Search and the feed for that official event blog. As the week starts off, I may add some other things, a tag feed for example, if folks are tagging their photos with a certain tag, or additional search terms, but for right now you can subscribe to the mashed up feed here. No matter what changes I make to the aggregate, that address will remain the same!

I’ll probably leave it up for a couple of weeks, and once everyone’s had a chance to return home, and recap their experiences on-line, I’ll deactivate it. (Until next year??)

Also, while I’m at it, if there’s anyone going to ILTA and doesn’t have their own blog that wants to give us some first-hand reports, drop me an email and I’ll get them posted as “guest” posts here for you!

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