MS Office Beta Notes

This is a side-blog where I intend to keep all of my notes from Beta testing new versions of Office. This will keep them all in one place for future reference. I started this with Office 2003, and am bringing it back for the 2007 version. This is not an official Microsoft site, this is just the ramblings of one IT guy.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Access and XML

I guess the big thing about Access 2003 is the way it works with XML. Of course our membership database doesn' t deal with XML so it's not exactly big news to me. It would be bigger news if we used SQL server or something like that where we could use the XML stuff. As is, we pretty much use .csv to get stuff in and out of Access over to that database. I'm going to have to spend much more time evaluating where XML might be of use to us.

Bigger news, to me, is the ability to open a 2000 database and not have to convert to 2003! Heck it even gives me the option to create a database and save it as a '97 or 2000 so I can still use it after the beta period expires. That's nice, although I don't know what new features will be lacking in the database if I do that.