MS Office Beta Notes

This is a side-blog where I intend to keep all of my notes from Beta testing new versions of Office. This will keep them all in one place for future reference. I started this with Office 2003, and am bringing it back for the 2007 version. This is not an official Microsoft site, this is just the ramblings of one IT guy.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The end is near

Yes, the end of the beta. Office 2007 is due to be released to manufacturing soon.

More importantly, for those of you might be interested in getting a beta look at it before it's released to the public, you only have until Oct. 25th before the preview site is gone for good, along with the downloads. According to that article the beta's will expire March 15, 2007. However, I should note that the licensing agreement on my install still says it will expire Feb. 1. Guess I'll find out the truth then, huh?

I'll still be writing more about what I'm finding in 2007 over the next few months, provided I find more free time!

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