Sunday projects

Spent part of the day today upgrading the Child Abuse blog to Movable Type version 3.2. The upgrade process wasn’t too difficult, but there have been some slight changes to the admin sections that’ll take some getting used to, and it’ll take me a few days of use to really get a feel for the…

A simple upgrade

I got some details on what went wrong with the email on both sites and Movable Type on the other site over the last few days. Seems the hosting company did a Perl upgrade over the weekend, but did not include all the same modules in the upgrade as had existed in the previous version….


Upgraded the Movable Type and PhpBB installs over on the other site last night. That should help with comment spam and the security problem with PhpBB. Both went off pretty easily. I’d highly recommend them!

New and improved

Movable Type version 3.14, in which SixApart try to lessen the server load caused by comment spam. Autoruns 6.1 Trillian 3.0, which I’ve been using for a couple of days and like, as always. If you’re running three different IM clients, you should think about trying it out. You’ll lose some of the more advanced…

More good news

Loaded up bloglines this morning to discover that my cable internet speed will be increasing come January, (Thanks to both Geek News Central and Chad for pointing to that.)and Movable Type has officially recognized the server load issue associated with comment spam and is working on correcting it. My replacement has been ordered and will…