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Hmm I discovered Blogdex today. Not only is it a great way to find out what folks are talking about in their blogs lately, it’s also a great way to find out who’s been linking to you, and what they’re … Continued

Interesting reading for the day

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Interesting reading for the day: Doc Searls explains why Yahoo and it’s advertisers have it all wrong. Steven found his answer on using Trillian both with a proxy and without at the same time. David Weinberger on The Generosity of … Continued

A little explanation

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A little explanation today, as background to the bizarre fax we got this morning. We don’t have a traditional ISP, we have a company that we are partnered with, who provided a consultant about 6 years ago to put together … Continued

Big Stink Over a Simple Link

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Big Stink Over a Simple Link Let me just say it now, in case anyone is worried about the legal ramifications, I don’t care if you link to my site, please do. Not only do I not require a “linking … Continued

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