Your People Are Routing Around Your IT Security

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That combination of things points to one, larger, issue. There’s a pretty large communication gap between IT and business users. The security restrictions that exist are getting in the way of people getting work done, and rather than ask for them to be changed, users simply work around them using their own tools, maybe even their own laptops, or network connections, and the IT folks don’t even know this is happening.

That’s a recipe for disaster. It might be time to work on communicating with your users, and of course when I say “communicate” that absolutely means listening too.… Read More

Linked: Brain Research Confirms Stupidity Of Back-to-Back Meetings

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The research just proves that we already know from first-hand experience, right? We’ve all been in back-to-back meetings, leaving one Microsoft Teams or Zoom call just to click the link to another, and it’s obvious which team members have done that and aren’t mentally prepared for the current meeting.

We all know it. We all schedule our meeting to end at 25 or 55 past the hour so that we don’t make people do that, and then we still run to the top or bottom of the hour anyway. Sometimes even over.

Proving, once again, that we suck at meetings. And yes, I include myself in that.… Read More

Do You Have Work Boundaries?

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t’s also about being respected enough to allow our work to actually fit into the rest of our lives, as opposed to having it interfere with the rest of our lives. Human beings have boundaries between their work and the rest of their lives. Numbers on a financial sheet are generally not provided that level of respect and concern. Which one would best describe the people who work for you in the culture you have created?

You might be very surprised to learn that it’s not what you thought it was from your view in the C-Suite.… Read More

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