Linked: They Told Their Therapists Everything. Hackers Leaked It All

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This is a frightening story. How many patients see their therapist without giving a second thought to where, and how, the therapist is keeping their notes. Probably not many. But, it can make a big difference, because if it’s not secure, those are your deepest, most private, conversations out there for all the world to see.… Read More

Linked: Dutch MPs in video conference with deep fake imitation of Navalny’s Chief of Staff

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As I think about this, it occurs to me that a lot of the things that we think would give away deep fake videos are things that happen all the time in Zoom or Teams calls, right? The video being a little slow, or jerky, or not keeping up fluidly with the movement of people on screen, etc. So it could be harder to tell that the “person” on the call with you isn’t really who you think it is, and then we can begin to wonder who it was, and what information they got from being there, pretending to be someone else.

Are we ready for that?… Read More

Linked: AT&T’s HBO Max Deal Was Never Free

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See, the question that should be asked is how AT&T can afford to give users all the video streaming they want over their network for HBO Max, but forces caps on all of its users for their internet usage.

Clearly, their network can handle the traffic of unlimited video streaming, so why do we let them use these excuses to limit access to the internet?… Read More

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