Linked: Top Password List of 2021 Proves You Need a Password Manager

I mean, you really should use one for the obvious reason listed here, it lets you create a ton of different passwords, and make them complicated enough that they are hard to crack, since you no longer have to remember them, but they also make it easy for you to help someone gain access to important information and accounts when you are unable to. Because believe me, it happens.

These passwords suck so bad. They’re terrible, and according to Nordpass, they take only a few seconds for a bot (or person) to crack. Thing is, coming up with a password that’s slightly harder to crack won’t do the average person much good. Passwords are constantly compromised through hacks and data breaches, so you need to use a unique password for every account.

And that’s where password managers come in.

Go read the whole thing, and please, for the love of security, stop using one or two easy-to-remember passwords for everything!


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