Linked – AI Will Save Lawyers Time – But Does Anyone Want That?

If the number they quote in the article about gaining four hours per week is accurate, that’s a massive change. In the last few months, many people in the industry have mentioned fixed-rate billing. It’s been an option for law firms for a long time, but it’s only gotten slight traction so far. 

That might be about to change. Justifying the current economic model and investing in AI tools that save this much time will be quite challenging. The risks involved with “finding” more billable time are too high. I know; I’ve worked as a consultant before, and while it sounds great that finishing projects ahead of time frees you up to work on other projects, when those other projects don’t come in, you wind up short on your billable hour requirements and those tools that were supposed to make your work-life better, suddenly make it a lot worse. 

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Linked – What If the Next Big Social Media App Is … Nothing?

At some point, everyone who wants to have an Instagram account has an Instagram account and is using it as often as they want to. You can’t have huge growth spurts. You can only play around the edges and manipulate users to stay online to grow and that’s not a winning strategy. Yet it’s what shareholders and venture funds require. They’ve created a world where growing less than 20% per year might as well be failing. It’s sure going to look like failing when you start cutting jobs and doing stock buybacks. Those used to be desperate measures, but now they’re just a Tuesday at the office.


Linked – Productivity is outdated. Here’s why.

When you have that blurring, though, the idea that you can measure productivity the same way as you did when we spent 8 hours building a widget seems a little overly simplistic, doesn’t it?

The challenge is finding the thing we can measure to evaluate whether people are accomplishing the goals we set for them, but those goals can’t be the “number of things or hours” when the work is so much more than that.


Linked – Facebook layoffs are a reminder that your job won’t love you back

Nevertheless, the most significant point of the article below isn’t to argue about the negatives of being a public company or not, it’s to point out what should have been obvious but too many people in tech have lost sight of. A company that consistently reminds you that you’re part of the family and that everyone should view it that way and dedicate themselves accordingly will let you go in a heartbeat when things aren’t going as well as they’d like.

And people wonder why quiet quitting is all the rage.


Linked – Why It’s Virtually Impossible to Moderate Social Media Sites

I’m sure at some point, Elon Musk thought for sure that he could buy Twitter and do a better job of content moderation. I’m sure most of us have had a similar thought. We just didn’t have $44 billion lying around.

He did, and now he gets to realize something the rest of us should know by now. There’s no easy way to do it.