Linked: Three shockingly obvious ways to make flying less miserable

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It’s all those little unknown things that make us anxious when traveling, and the more anxiety that is built into the process, the less we enjoy it, and the more exhausting it is. I think that is an important lesson for airlines, but it’s also an important lesson for many people in a variety of service industries. Needing a lawyer, working with an accountant, etc. have always been things that most of us aren’t used to navigating, so there’s anxiety involved. Now, simple things like getting a haircut have become more complicated, and involve a lot more anxiety. Employees are also navigating things that they are not used to, maybe working from home, or working onsite but having to navigate all of these new safety protocols, and dealing with customers who are also dealing with all of their own anxieties all day. … Read More

Linked: Insurrectionists’ social media presence gives feds an easy way to ID them

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On Wednesday, as we watched the invasion of the Capitol building play out, my first thought had everything to do with how little police and national guard presence there was. The reason that was my first thought was because we have watched this rally, and the ensuing violence, be planned on right in front of our faces on social media for the last few weeks. All you had to do was pay even a little bit of attention, and it was clear that there was a significant number of people who weren’t there to simply protest, but were there fully expecting this to be the start of a civil war. It was obvious enough that I knew it, just from an occasional look at Twitter or TikTok. I didn’t even have to go to the dark corners of the web to find it.… Read More

Linked: Returning to the office in 2021 will introduce a tricky new power dynamic

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I was having a discussion on Twitter about this recently, that there are people who want to go back to the office, and there are those, like me, who worked remotely before the pandemic and have no interest in ever working in an office. Figuring out how to account for all of the possible preferences will be key attracting top talent, in my humble opinion. But, how many places will be successful at doing that? This article asks a similar question:… Read More

Linked: Amplify possibility

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Seth has some keen insight into the way social media works, and I think these paragraphs are spot on, and also something we, as users of social media, need to remind ourselves of daily:

“And so the social networks created a game, a game in which you ‘win’ by being notorious, outrageous or, as they coined the phrase, “authentic.” The whole world is watching, if you’re willing to put on a show.

That’s not how the world actually works. The successful people in your community or your industry (please substitute ‘happy’ for successful in that sentence) don’t act the way the influencers on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook do. That’s all invented, amplified stagecraft, it’s not the actual human condition.”… Read More

Linked: A Few Social Media Suggestions for 2021

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We can hate social media algorithms all we want, but the truth is they are simply responding to our own behavior. If Twitter seems ugly and mean to you, quit following ugly and mean people. Find better people to follow. Interact with them, offer up not only your knowledge and expertise, but share other good ideas you find online as well.… Read More

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