Linked: Twitter announces new features to help you make money and fight trolls

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The Super Follow option to charge for access to some of your tweets got all the headlines, and holds exactly zero interest for me, but this little gem might be interesting.

“Twitter is working on a new Communities feature for the platform, which will let users create groups with people who share similar interests. The feature will essentially work like Facebook Groups, and it will let you share tweets exclusively with your community members.”… Read More

Linked: LastPass to Limit Usage of Free Version

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Full disclosure. I am a paid customer of LastPass. I have been for a number of years now. Why? Because this is one piece of technology that is worth paying for. There may be some other options out there that give you what you want for free, and there are, obviously, other paid solutions out there as well.… Read More

Linked: Is Your Midsize Company Designed for a Post-Pandemic Future?

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The reason that I say this is because not a day goes by that I don’t hear someone talking about “getting back” to onsite visits with clients, and doing training, or even CLEs in person again, without taking a moment to consider whether that is even feasible for the client.

For example, on the training side, yes many folks miss the in-person workshops or training classes that a software or legal tech company would provide, but how many of us in that space have considered how difficult/expensive it might be for the client to gather their people into one location for that time?… Read More

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