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Linked: Why Repeating Yourself Is a Good Thing

Adam Grant sums it up nicely:

“It’s better to overcommunicate and sound redundant than to undercommunicate and seem unclear and uncaring.”

Long ago, I learned the basics of doing a presentation, and one of the most important things was to tell people things three times. Start by telling people what you’re going to explain to them, explain it to them, and then tell them what you just explained to them.

When you put it that way, that seems repetitive, doesn’t it? It’s not. Most of the time, it takes three times for it to sink in.

I have also learned over the years that with remote teams, you really can’t repeat yourself too many times. You need to communicate information numerous times in different formats. Send an email, repeat the content in the next team meeting, then send a link to the same information in Teams, Slack, or whatever IM app your team uses.

Trust me, as someone who works remotely and works in training, I would much rather hear something I already know that not hear something that is pretty vital.

Don’t assume everyone hears you the first time. It’s pretty unlikely.

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