Linked: They Told Their Therapists Everything. Hackers Leaked It All

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This is a frightening story. How many patients see their therapist without giving a second thought to where, and how, the therapist is keeping their notes. Probably not many. But, it can make a big difference, because if it’s not secure, those are your deepest, most private, conversations out there for all the world to see.… Read More

Linked: Offboarding tips will prevent employee data theft when people leave the company

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Now, I’ve left a few jobs over the years, including some that were remote, which I think is a new challenge for a lot of places right now. Most of the time, the departing employee is not exactly top of mind for the organization. You’ve got work to do, and they are no longer part of the plan. I get that, but somebody probably wants to at least pay attention to what the employee is doing on the way out. … Read More

Linked: Hidden Dangers of Microsoft 365’s Power Automate and eDiscovery Tools

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Look, we’ve always had this issue in the eDiscovery space, in order to put data on hold, and collect it as part of a lawsuit, someone has to be able to access all of it. That means there has to be an account somewhere with unlimited access to both search, and collect, tons of data from your environment, as necessary.

As important as having the ability to do that when faced with litigation, there is also the danger inherent in having an account, and tools, with that level of access.… Read More

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