Dull and Useful

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See, I’m moving ahead more and more with this blog. First I started putting some permanent links to other blogs down the side, (still looking for suggestions!) now I’ve got a search function going over there too. Pretty soon this … Continued

Blogger explains itself

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Blogger explains itself, concerning the recent problems with publishing. Seems they have too much load on their servers. I haven’t been able to publish for most of the day, bummer. Evan is working on a permanent solution. Hope he finds … Continued

OK back from lunch

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OK back from lunch. Chatting with Lisa and Marc from HMG about technology and stuff reminded me that there’s a bunch of resources and additions to this site I’ve been meaning to make, but just haven’t gotten around too. Maybe … Continued

New Releases

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I really hate having days at work where I’m researching something, and spend so much time reading online that I wind up falling asleep right after dinner when I get home. A short nap wouldn’t be bad, but I always … Continued

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