Home Sick

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There won’t be much updating today. I’m home sick with the flu, I guess. So unless you want to hear about all the wonderful things I’m doing, like taking medicine, sleeping, having hot and cold flashes and generally lying in … Continued

Using Blogtrack

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Frank Mcpherson picked up on my rant about the clutter at Weblogs.com. He’s going to give Blogtrack a try. Let us know how it goes Frank! As for my own opinion, I like it. It’s a bit slow to check … Continued

Blogger Pro Demo

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Scoble’s Notes on Blogger Pro as demo’ed by Evan last night. Sounds interesting, I’d like to see it in action. How much is 100k in blog terms? I’m fairly sure I’m under that on a monthly basis (simply taking the … Continued

System Restore

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Spent most of this morning doing another System Restore on a Compaq machine. There wasn’t any specific hardware failure or any indication as to what was happening, but it would just hang. It would go through all the normal NT … Continued

Remember Dr. King’s dream

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In honor of the day,Wil has reprinted the “I have a Dream” speech on his weblog today. Nice work Wil! Now the rest of you, go there, and read it. Remember Dr. King’s dream. No tags for this post.

Apple Store

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I have to make a quick apology to whomever it was that was using the search function earlier today. Turns out that the links to the past 2 weeks in the archive weren’t functioning because I hadn’t chaged over the … Continued

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