The quietest week ever

I think this might be among the slowest weeks I’ve ever had on this blog. I’ve been on vacation in the past and posted more than I have this week! There’s actually been a very good reason for it. I’m having to re-think the entire purpose of this blog, and how many different things I want to continue being committed to online going forward. Things are changing, for the better without a doubt, but things are going to be quite a bit different. It’s going to be difficult to write about small business tech when I don’t work for a small business any more. It’s going to be difficult to write about the life of a one-man IT department, when I’m working with a dozen other IT people.

Yes, I’m changing jobs. Two weeks from now. (More details will be released as I come to grips with which parts I want to share, and which I don’t.)

Yes, there will still be a blog at this address, and it will still be a tech blog.

Yes, there will still be a Child Abuse Survivor site, and there will still be plenty of pictures being posted in various places, because I love photography.

Beyond that, I’m not entirely sure. I probably won’t be until I am in the new job and settled in to a new routine. In the meantime, as I see interesting things in the tech world, or want to share interesting tidbits about leaving a small business IT job, I’ll post them. Just know that this is a very exciting time for me, but also a bit stressful as I leave the familiarity and control of being the only IT guy, and enter a completely new world.

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