The New Look is Complete

I’m sure many of you have taken a peek at the blog over the last 24 hours or so and seen some different things appearing. I’ve moved ahead with a complete overall of the site. As I’ve discussed previously, with the new professional position, it was time to retire the name, and I’ve decided to make the site more personal than professional. Not that I won’t still be blogging about all the same things I’ve been blogging about, but I wanted Mike McBride Online to be about more than that. I wanted it to be about me.

Hence, the name change to The Many Faces of Mike. Thanks to my wife, I’ve got a new logo to go along with the name, and the home page of the site offers links to the different “faces”,  the Blogger, which comes here, the Techie, the Litigation Support Specialist, the Photographer and the Child Abuse Survivor.

Right now, obviously, the Child Abuse Survivor link goes to that existing site, and will continue to do that. The three other links go to pages that contain the latest blog posts with that tag, the latest link blog entries with that tag, and in the case of Photography, a handful of the latest Flickr uploads. Each of those are generated using Feedburner feeds, so you can, instead of subscribing to get everything here, limit your intake to just those categories. As I’ve said before, I don’t think folks currently subscribed are going to change much, but new folks might only be interested in one area or another, so that should help them out.

Over time, I hope to build more content for each of the areas, and include more relevant links and other side bar information to each category.

I’ve also decided to remove some sections of the site. Simply put, the articles and other pages were old, and had completely outdated information on them. There simply wasn’t enough worth salvaging.

Let me know what you think, and remember, if you don’t like the look, or don’t like the white text on black background, just subscribe in an RSS reader and get the same content in whatever form you like. 😉

Just don’t say I haven’t given you options…

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  1. I think I might agree, I’m not sold on this link color, it’s still a work in progress.

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