Some Tools to Help Keep WordPress Plugins Updated

2015-04-10_1023Hot on the heels of my post this week Keep WordPress Updated, Mark Gibbs was kind enough to share some information on a couple of plugins which could be very useful in that regard.

If you’re running a WordPress site and given the number of potentially show-stopping problems that exist, get fixed, and are replaced with new problems that are just as bad then you need to be on top of what plugins you’re using and what problems they might have. Rather than scanning through loads of vulnerability notices and checking each plugin’s Web site for news there’s not only WPScan, there’s also a free plugin that check the plugins you use for known issues. It’s called Plugin Vulnerabilities and published by WhiteFirDesign.

The publishers also offer another free plugin, Automatic Plugin Updates that, as its name implies, will update your plugins automatically as new versions become available (you can also set up an “ignore” list to exclude specific plugins from automatic updates).

In the interest of full disclosure, I have not tried out either of these plugins just yet, but I fully intend to soon, so I will update this post if there are any problems with them. They certainly sound like a promising solution to one of the many hassles of using plugins in terms of keeping them updated and secure. That could prove to be quite useful!

Have you used either of them? How did they work for you?

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