Trying Out Posting to Medium

2015-10-16_1401Medium, if you’re not aware, is a publishing platform that also tries to be a network. I originally looked at it a while back and decided it wasn’t really for me, mostly because in order to see if any of the people I decided to follow over there had written anything, I’d have to go to the website and see. That kind of made it yet another social network to me, and I wasn’t all the interested. I figured anything really good published there, would crop up elsewhere and I would see it. For the most part, that’s been true.

Recently, though, I’ve been reading quite a few recommendations to publish to both Medium and LinkedIn as a way to reach people who don’t currently follow the blog and/or my social media accounts. OK, if you know me at all, that was just begging me to test it out. So let’s experiment. I’ve recently re-purposed a couple of somewhat recent blog posts on LinkedIn, and yesterday I added one on Medium.

Of course, as with any social publishing platform, if no one looks at it and likes or recommends it, the post just sort of disappears. That happens here as well, and on Twitter and Facebook for sure, so that isn’t really any different. Still, if you’re on Medium a lot, check it out. I’d love to see if it’s possible to truly grab attention over there without a huge following ahead of time, or if it’s really just a publishing platform that acts as a network for a few well-known writers.

I suspect that may be the case, because unlike LinkedIn, where I already have a number of connections who might see anything I post be virtue of our previous social connection, on Medium, it’s really the other way around. You have to write, and draw attention to it in order to truly get the word out. In a way, it’s more comparable to a Facebook Page in that sense, at least in my opinion.

Regardless of whether you see posts here, or on some other social network though, I do appreciate anyone willing to share and/or like the posts. It helps me know that something I’m sharing has some value!

And wherever you follow me, thanks for following!

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