Keep WordPress Updated

If you don’t, ISIS supporting script kiddies might just deface it.

Honestly, from my own experience with a SQL injection that was a result of a WordPress community site that I had shuttered but left installed on the server, let me just say that if you are doing your own install of WordPress on a hosting account, keep up with it.

Yeah, it can be a lot of work. If that bothers you, look at simply using the hosting or work with another vendor. Let them keep it updated and patched for you and focus on just doing your thing with content creation. On the other hand, if playing around with a website and all of the various things you can do with your own self-hosted WordPress install is fun for you, like it is for me, go for it. Just don’t leave any outdated, vulnerable, software laying around. It’s ridiculously easy to get access to your site using these vulnerabilities.

Speaking of which, I can see that I have a plugin update to install. 😉

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