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Prepping for the End of Feedburner

It’s not quite dead yet, but it certainly is on the deathwatch. Given that fact, while I’m not quite pulling the plug on using Feedburner for the RSS feed from this site, or the email subscription to the site, I have switched the sidebar on the blog to use the original WordPress RSS feeds and the built-in WordPress Jetpack email subscription instead of the Feedburner ones. So new subscribers to the feed or the email list, will now be using those services instead of Feedburner, and I’ll be prepared ahead of time for what seems to be the inevitable shuttering of the service.

If you’re a current subscriber to either the Feedburner RSS or Feedburner email list, you may want to update those subscriptions as well. You know, just in case. πŸ˜‰

You’ll find links to do that on the sidebar, as well as links to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as well, if you’d rather do that.

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