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I found myself in a precarious position today, having to remove a redaction reason from hundreds of images in . As it turns out, there is no official way to do that in the program itself, short of editing every single redaction one by one.

Luckily, I was able to find the bit of text in the annotation file that tells Summation what text to put over top of a redaction, and so I was able to “fix” the problem of coders leaving in the default redaction reason instead of blanking it out, but I needed a tool to make that change across those hundreds of files at once.

Luckily, I found Replace Text (Formerly ReplaceEm), a free tool which is designed for exactly this type of scenario. Once I had the proper term to look for, all I had to do was point the tool at the Markups folder in Summation, and problem solved!

I’ll have to write up the details of what I needed to locate in the annotation files and submit it to Summation. It’s not a supported fix, but at least they’ll know what to look for in those files!

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    Nice find Mike – its the main reason I keep ultraedit on my computer (I got a free copy from a computing mag years ago). Although Ultraedit is a great text editor it’s pretty big if all you need is notepad with search and replace across all files.

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