World Wide Photo Walk Day

It’s tomorrow. I wanted to take part, I really did. I even talked to a coworker about signing up for the same one. I hesitated, only because I knew it’d be a week from my trip to Ireland and Scotland, and there’d be an outside chance that maybe there would be some last minute things to deal with. Barring that, though, I figured I could manage it.

Then the last two weeks happened. The normal “must wrap up before going on vacation” stuff, on top of having to get all my ILTA conference speaking stuff turned in before I go, and one mess of a case on a tight deadline have had me working most evenings, and much of last weekend. Yes, I’ll be working a little this weekend as well, but also doing a couple of social events, and still doing those last minute things that need to get done this weekend. In short, even if I tried to squeeze in a photowalk, I’d spend most of it thinking about all the other things I need to get done. Not good for creativity, eh?

Oh well, I’ll make up for missing tomorrow with some time photowalking myself around Dublin, right?

As someone said on Facebook this week, when I’m on vacation, this will all be worth it. Wise words. 😉

If you’re interested in taking part tomorrow, check the website for a walk near you!

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