Anyone Else Having Problems with Delicious?

I’ve searched the blogs, and the forums and don’t see where anyone else is having this issue, but over the last few days I’ve saved a number of links to Delicious, but they don’t show up in my list of bookmarks, nor are they included in the RSS feed of recent bookmarks. (Thus they don’t update the list on the side of the blog, nor in the daily RSS feed of the blog)

However, if I go back to the same page and try to save it again using the Delicious Firefox extension, it shows as already having been saved. Saving it again changes nothing.


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  1. No issues here either through Firefox at home with bookmark saving extension (just tried it) or through IE at work with bookmark saving shortcut (was using earlier today). I wonder what the issue is? I’d be interested in knowing if you figure it out.

    1. I just tried with the Google Chrome extension and it worked fine, so at this point I definitely think there’s an issue with my Firefox extension. Going to uninstall and reinstall and see if that fixes it. Guess it was just me! 😉

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