My Favorite Twitter App Gets Bought, by Twitter

My hope with Twitter purchasing Tweetdeck?

That we don’t have to fear Twitter closing it out, or Tweetdeck creating some weird competitor, and that Twitter will take some of the great features present in Tweetdeck and make them part of the Twitter infrastructure.

My fear?

That some of the great features that help filter the fire hose of Twitter, will get dumped in favor of keeping the “experience” the same on all Twitter clients and the web.

What will actually happen to Tweetdeck? Good question. Any thoughts?

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  1. They will probably fold the Tweetdeck team into the standard Twitter client team and retire Tweetdeck. Which will stink.

  2. I hope that whatever happens, they get a decent iPad2 client pushed out. I am a pretty big fan of the desktop client, but the iPad client has been really unstable lately.

    1. I feel the same way about the iPhone app, love the desktop app and keep waiting for the features in it to get included in the iPhone version. Hope this purchase doesn’t kill that hope!

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