Strange Google Calendar Sync Problem

I don’t know exactly how long I’ve had this problem, but it couldn’t have been going on that long. In a nutshell, the one-way sync I have setup to sync Outlook to Google calendar (I use my blackberry to schedule all appointments when I’m not at work, so that is the one calendar that has everything on it.) stopped syncing meetings that I was invited to. Anything I entered into my Outlook calendar worked fine, but any invite that I accepted, wouldn’t sync.

My first instinct was to uninstall/reinstall Google Calendar Sync, but that didn’t solve the problem. A little searching led me to this solution:

Turns out that yes, indeed, I had recently added my work email address to my Google profile. I removed that, added it as an invited user to my Google calendar, and everything went back to syncing properly. I have no idea what adding that address to my Google profile would have done behind the scenes to create this problem, but I’m glad it’s fixed now!

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