Upgrade to VMWare Fusion 3 for Ten Bucks

Actually, I’ve been pretty happy with version 2, an haven’t really wanted to spend the money, or time, upgrading, but if they’re going to offer the upgrade for $9.99 for a limited time, I might have to take them up on that.

I don’t fire up my Windows VM on the Macbook very often. I’ve kind of migrated away from using it aside from testing out Lit Support tools that I have personal licenses for through my certifications. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with just using the Macbook and software I’ve found for it, but every once in awhile I need Outlook, or some Windows freeware tool that I haven’t yet found a Mac replacement for. Who knows, maybe the new version of Fusion will inspire me to experiment more with virtual machines?

They are offering the upgrade price for users of Parallels as well. Not a bad little ploy on their part!

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