Personal Tech update

Just an update on some things I’ve been doing.

Angela already wrote about the Roomba, so I’ll leave that alone, other than to say, as a gadget type of guy, I’m fascinated by watching it work. (Of course, the whole point is that it works while you’re doing something else, so I need to break that habit, eh?)

The 30 day evaluation of VMWare Workstation started last night. It works on 2000 Server, so that’s a step up right there. It also works with the Virtual Machines located on a USB hard drive, another huge step up, since that sucker has 120GB, and the server’s own HD is just 30GB. I did a quick Windows 98 virtual machine, because a spare Windows 98 CD and unused license was available, and it wasn’t too difficult to get setup properly. I’ll probably try a Linux flavor sometime soon, and possibly a Windows Server 2003 eval at some point before my 30 days are up, but so far I’m definitely thinking this is the tool I want for Christmas.

The combination of comment moderation and MT Blacklist on the Child Abuse blog has blocked or forced moderated 297 comments in about a week and a half. That’s more than the legitimate comments the site has gotten in over two year’s worth of writing. I would say it’s well worth the time investment to set that up if you’re going to be using MT.

Lastly, I finally got on another bandwagon last night by setting up and trying out Skype. The reasons for this sudden interest in Skype will become clear to you in about a day or so, but in the meantime, I am impressed with the voice capabilities it has.

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