I hate RealPlayer

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Yes, I’ve pretty much hated RealPlayer for a long time now, but today I hate it more! I hate having to uncheck a gazillion options to make sure I don’t get inundated with “special offers and promotions”. I hate that, for some reason, version 8 doesn’t update just a codec any longer when it runs into an incompatible site, but requires a full upgrade to 10.5. I hate that the download of 10.5 takes 25 minutes and shows me ads I don’t care about the whole time. I hate that the governor’s State of the State speech is only available online in Real format. I hate that the governor’s website uses rtsp:// URL’s for Real content. I hate that my IE opens RealPlayer to handle those URL’s while other machines, configured exactly the same way, don’t. They just throw up a 404 trying to open a web page that isn’t a web page.

And most of all, I hate that I’m going to be the one that has to explain why this is so complicated when I’m not responsible for any of it!

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