Meanwhile, back at the office today.

Yeah I’m back at work today, rather disappointing I must say. I really like being out of the office, forgetting about this place. Doesn’t seem like there were any major catastrophes while I was gone, but it’s early yet, I’m sure someone will bring me something to make me want to scream and rip their eyes out. 🙂

So, Joe Gregorio left me a comment to the effect that .Net framework is available for 98 and 2000. It’s a 20MB download, so even with my cable modem I’m going to have to set aside some time to get that up and running. Perhaps this weekend. Anyone have a direct link to it? Of course I’m not much into the programming so I may have to look and see what the benefits are in terms of using stuff that’s been developed as opposed to developing my own. Or maybe I finally learn to do some of my own development? Who knows?

Congrats go out to Dane Carlson and wife, who are expecting in Dec.

Meryl didn’t like the preview release of Netscape 7 just from looking at the screen shot. I didn’t like it when I saw that it’s a 26MB download as the “minimum” install! I don’t believe IE6, for all the bad press it gets for being bloatware, is even that large. I looked around C-Net’s site and while it says Netscape is 26MB minimum install, if you follow the download link it lists it as a maximum install of 26MB. It also lists IE6 as a “minimum install” of 45MB, then goes on to say that it can range from 8.5MB to 45MB with a typical being 11MB. So does anyone know what a typical Netscape 7 install is? (Stupid, stupid C-Net!) 26MB sounds too big for my surfing needs. 11MB sounds too big, but I can live with that. On the other hand, not being able to have Mozilla installed on the same machine as Netscape 7 is going to turn away a whole bunch of folks without even a look. Maybe after it’s a full release, I’ll take a look, but don’t hold your breath. Netscape lost me at 4.whatever when they decided bundling AIM was a good idea. Ugh!

Oh, in the course of writing this there has already been a couple of things I wanted to scream at someone for, but the biggest one is people I don’t know, so I can’t scream at them. How cool is it that someone can send a spam out to a mail list, and then allow for all the replies to go out to the same list. Like the spam wasn’t enough, now I’ve got a bunch of “Please remove me” and “Hey how come I’m getting your remove request, quit sending that to me” and “I’m getting them too, it’s annoying, stop!” emails to delete. It’s enough to make you think that Harvey Danger was right (only stupid people are breeding )

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