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So the government is pushing smart cards as a way to protect against terrorism, right? Well they should read this story, Smart-card security needs an upgrade. -seems those little wonders are easily hacked into. How nice would it be to have someone steal your smart card ID and have easy access to your identity?

Microsoft has released a new “monster patch” for IE. You can read about it here or get the patch here. -BTW, the story actually has a link to the advisory on TechNet, exactly the sort of thing we’ve been complaining about them not doing here. Maybe someone at C-Net or Yahoo is reading this blog? 🙂

I’ve actually seen this virus hoax come into our work email. You would think that after Sulfnbk.exe was proven a hoax people would think twice about deleting a file just because some dude said to in an email. Luckily my users knew better and checked with me first. Good little users, for now!

My wife’s site, for those of you who may be wondering, is experiencing some technical difficulties. Her free hosting provider, aka her brother, is, apparently, out of town. I’m sure she’ll have plenty to blog about when it comes back, but I cannot say when that will be. Hopefully soon!

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