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BTW, on a slightly related note, I did make a recommendation about a product once where I looked at enthusiast sites and journalist sites and took their word for it. It was OS X for our graphics person. All of the zealots told me using Classic Mode was no problem. I should have been more cynical, because it has been nothing but a problem.

Gangs of New York was excellent. I highly recommend it, and not just because I’m Irish, Catholic, raised in New York and descended from immigrants either. πŸ™‚ Angela was raised in the South and the Draft Riots of 1863 were a side of the Civil War she had never really been exposed to this in-depth, so it’s got some education for everyone. We also saw Two Weeks Notice yesterday, a cute movie. Definitely chick-flick material but cute and fun nonetheless.

After getting the Dell Axim early, the rest of my Christmas presents were decidedly low-tech, with the exception of a Think Geek Foobar T-shirt. (Yeah it’s spelled FooBar instead of Fubar, interesting, almost makes it seem like some sort of top-secret Foo Fighters t-shirt..*L*) I’m glad though, I like to have non-tech interests as well, makes for a more well-rounded approach to life and work.

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