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Linked – Survey: Employers face more turnover in 2024 as confidence in leadership dips

Are you prepared for this?

Employers will likely face more worker turnover during the first half of 2024, according to research released Jan. 3 by management consulting firm Eagle Hill. Working adults surveyed nationally in December indicated that an increasing number will be leaving their jobs over the next six months due to dipping confidence in their employer and in their satisfaction with the overall workplace experience, the firm said.

The interesting thing about this is the fact that there’s a lack of confidence in the employer because I think many employers brought that on themselves. Layoffs might make the financials look good with that cut in expenses, but they are also an admission that management screwed up. When your management screws up and people have to be let go, the ones who are left behind don’t see company leadership in a sparkly light.

They see company leadership as somewhat inept, and they also assume that the bottom line for the company isn’t as good as you’re claiming it is. After all, you just fired people to save money; the company must not be in solid shape.

And if the company isn’t in solid shape, why would you want to hang around?

It’s not just layoffs, though. Think of all the little ways your employees lose respect for management. Things like not dealing with the asshole on the team, not understanding the work, or not taking any employee input. Every mistake, every insult, and every poorly run meeting becomes one more example of how poorly managed this company is, which is one step closer to leaving for something else.

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