A little rant

OK here’s the scenario, longtime readers will remember that my employer has a website. It’s not hosted locally because they don’t want to pay for a server, or pay me what I would demand to be responsible for a web server. Not only that, but our Communications Department, who is in charge of content and design of said website have purposely gone out of their way to make sure that I have nothing to do with the site. Reasons for that are unclear, but my suspicion is that the people in charge over there are afraid that I’ll find out how little they actually know about running a website! (How surprised they would be to find out that I already know that!)

Anyway, given this situation, why is it that every time someone here tries to access the site, only to find something not working, for whatever reason, their first instinct is to call me? Of course, when I suggest that maybe, just maybe, they should talk to either Communications or the hosting company about their problem, they get angry at me for not helping them. Today the hosting company mistakenly password protected parts of our site that shouldn’t have been, so people went to the site, and when prompted with a network logon window, they immediately called me, because it was a “network” logon window. Never mind that you only got the window on the website, or that the “network” was identified as the address of our website. It was obviously a network issue, so let’s call Mike.

This, of course, was not helped by the fact that I couldn’t run end-of-month stuff because my boss was on vacation all last week, and I assumed that the reports she needs to run before I run end-of-month hadn’t been run yet. I was wrong, she ran those reports early and didn’t bother to tell me. So I ran them this morning, and they were wrong, because someone, in their infinite wisdom, decided to take an inactive account, that had dropped last month for non-payment, and make them an active account again, even though they were still not paid. So they dropped twice, which in accounting circles is not a good thing. It’s sort of like writing off the same A/R twice, it’s going to cause problems! Luckily for them, I caught it and could explain what happened and they could exclude that record from this months reports, and make a simple adjustment instead of including it and having everything not balance. Sometimes my accounting background comes in handy.

Yeah it’s definitely Monday.

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