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Doc is pointing to a NewsWeek piece on Internet Radio. Steven Levy is declaring Oct. 20 the day internet radio will die. (That’s the day the “retroactive payments” come due, and the day most webcasters will simply cease to exist because they can’t afford the payments.)

EBay to purchase PayPal. -I’m not sure what to think about this, I’ve used both only once or twice ever, so my limited knowledge of these companies makes my opinions pretty useless. I’ll leave it up to others who’ve had more experiences with them to comment. (Although I’ve read some PayPal horror stories, I’ve never personally experienced it.)

Online Ads, e-mail don’t click. Seems internet users are just getting so many ads thrown at them and emails sent to their inbox that they’re ignoring them all! Good, maybe the idea of the internet as broadcast medium will go away along with the advertisers. Bye-bye!

Since the End of the world coming in 2050 story has hit #1 in Daypop can I ask how many people pointing to it have taken even ten seconds to consider that the WWF has a vested interest in making sure we all think the world is going to end unless we give them money to support their agenda? This “study” is akin to a Microsoft paid-for study that says children with Windows computers will score higher on the SAT. Blatant self-interest.

Got a couple of interesting comments to my post about businesses monitoring their employees use of technology. Both came from wives of IT workers, my wife and Camille. I found it interesting because it shows something very important. As much as people, especially techie people, want to bitch about employers monitoring them, you have to remember that the people doing the monitoring have their own lives, families, etc. So long as the government holds both the business, and it’s IT people responsible for the actions of any employee, you’re going to have to live with this mess. There is no one I work with who is worth ruining my life for, and that includes my wife. Many people don’t believe that I monitor my wife, they assume she gets some sort of special privilege, but she doesn’t. Why? Because if I let her off the hook, and someone finds out about it, we’ll both be fired. Even if she did something that I didn’t catch, it would be assumed that I let her off, and we’d both get fired. It’s not worth the risk for either of us to do anything but stay well above board on this issue.

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