Feeling incomplete

When I went to the eye doctor on Friday, the fine folks at DOC told me I could use the same frames that I had been using but that because the frames had some small scratches, I’d be better off getting new lenses. No problem, except for the fact that they no longer have an in-store lab and I am going to have to go without my glasses for 7-10 days. I don’t have a very strong prescription, so I can function, but there are definite drawbacks! Like, for example, people watching sucks, everyone looks vaguely similar from 100-200 feet away. *L* I also have some difficulty doing a lot of reading online, I have to sit closer to the monitor, and it’s not as comfortable. (Although it’s probably better for my posture!)

I also feel like I’m forgetting something every time I go anywhere, that’s annoying. I want my glasses back!

Also, an FYI, the navigation bar above is different on this page than all the static pages on the site. On those pages the text turns red as you move a mouse over the link, but, for some reason, the Blogger publishing engine was having issues with the “onMouseOver” code. So there shouldn’t be any more of those “Done but with errors on page” messages. I’m not sure what sort of changes I would have to make to the code to get the mouse-overs to work properly with Blogger, so I just took the code out.

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