Well now they’ve done it..

Wow, I haven’t seen my wife get so angry in the few years that I’ve known her, let alone express it online, but scummy spammers will do that to you, won’t they? Speaking of which, I got an email this morning from topsitez.us (Yeah like I’m gonna link to them, HA!) claiming that my site listing in their search engine is about to expire and I should hurry now and pay them $5 per month to make sure it stays listed. I can assure you, the day I pay for this site to be listed in a search engine is the day I become totally commercialized and you all should stop listening to anything I say.

BTW, I spent all of yesterday afternoon dealing with our pseudo-ISP because they switched proxy servers without telling us what the IP address of the new proxy was. After a variety of email responses from their helpdesk I was put in contact directly with one of their networking folks and we figured out what connection settings we needed to be using. Unfortunately, somewhere in the process they broke our ability to use FTP, so that work will continue this morning as well. Oh joy!

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