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Last week I was informed that I’ll be getting a new piece of hardware. Actually, I’ll be getting a second PC, because we’re going to be testing and then partially rolling out a new version of software, and since we will have to support users running both versions for awhile as the roll out moves along, I’ll need a second PC so I can run both versions. (The other two folks who work at the helpdesk already have 2, they’ve been through a similar situation before.)

Anyway, all of this reminded me that I wanted to post something about the “tech-heaven” working at a helpdesk can be. Since we have to support basically every piece of hardware/software that our users might have to use, my desk will now consist of 2 PC’s with an Ethernet hub connecting them to the network, a CD-copying tower, a zip drive, my blackberry and USB cradle, a voice recorder with USB cradle, a memory card reader, digital camera with serial connector to the PC, all the regular mouse/keyboard/monitor stuff, a supply of blank floppies/CD’s and all the documentation for the stuff that is specifically “my” area of responsibility; voice recorder/transcription equipment and licensing and the laptop pool.

By the time you add in all the leftover snacks that find their way to the helpdesk area, it’s a wonder there’s any room for us anymore. But I’m not complaining, there’s plenty of stuff for me to play with learn. 🙂

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