Lightbulb moments

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard the horror stories of working on a helpdesk, and after 7 plus months working on one I can totally see exactly where they’re coming from, and even have a few of my own. On the other hand, one thing that I get working on a helpdesk far more often than I do working in the server room are the “lightbulb” moments with users. That moment when you’re explaining a concept to them and they not only “get it” but see exactly why the concept is so good.

I have these on a regular basis. Today, I had it with someone who spends a lot of time importing/exporting data into a contact database when she understood exactly what the CONCATENATE function in Excel could do for her in terms of getting fields from different sources mapped correctly. Tomorrow or the next day it’ll be something else.

Those moments make all the other stuff worthwhile.

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