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I saw where Google released a “me too” calendar tool today. I only have one word for them, Intellisync.

I keep my calendar in Outlook, so I have it off-line, the only on-line tool I use is Yahoo’s calendar so that my wife can see where I will be at any given time in the future instead of always having to ask. I can use Yahoo’s Intellisync to sync that data from Outlook. Takes less than a minute. Google requires me to export the Outlook calendar to a CSV file and import that into my Google calendar. Much longer than a minute.

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  1. I think it looks good – I did find a bug in it (not reproducible) where the time on the drop down box didn’t always match the finishing time – for example – set meeting to finish at 9pm – it sees that as 1 hour long – then set it to 2 hours long and it still puts it at 9pm πŸ™

    I just wish I could get something to work with my lotus notes client to sync my calendar up.

  2. I think it’s a decent calendar app, but the inability to sync data with an offline tool kills it for me. I do too much scheduling when I’m offline, or on another PC that would let me add items online that will be synced back to Outlook. Lacking that, I can’t even consider using it.

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