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We spent the weekend with Angela’s parents in Findlay. They’ve only recently moved up there, and this was the first time I’ve been up there with my laptop to use their nice wireless connection that my brother-in-law set-up for them. He’s a pro, so it’s secure. Of course, even if he hadn’t left the SSID and pass key for me, I could have used any of the other 3, completely open, networks reachable from their house! Next time I need some cash maybe I’ll wander around the neighborhood offering to secure some wireless networks!

Anyway, we spent a good part of Saturday wandering around their new home town, took some pictures, and ran across the preperations for a Sunrise Easter Service, where they were building what I started to dub “The Passion of the Sand”. 😉

passion in sand

Hope you all had as good a weekend!

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  1. It gives a different perspective to the phrase: all other ground is sinking sand (though I wonder about Findlay’s source of sand). The “art” work is rather gruesome too.

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