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I’m seeing lots of interesting thoughts coming from the Blogs essential to a good career article today. The post over at Scoble’s has further links to investigate. (Be sure to check the comments too)

I don’t know what role, if any, this site played in getting my current job. I had it listed on my resume as an example of “one of the many things I dabble in” to learn more about tech. Maybe after I’ve been here awhile I’ll ask my boss if it played a role. I do know that my abilities to write documentation and instructions, as well as my ability to communicate technical information to a wide variety of folks played a very big part in getting the job. I also know that those skills had been honed in part by writing this blog and interacting with readers. Maybe it didn’t have a direct effect, but the indirect effects when it came to writing, communicating, and sharing information, are obvious to me.

Of course, as others have said, blogging means putting yourself out there for others to find. In order for it to help, and not hurt, you need to resist the urge to behave in a way that would cast you in a poor light. But if you remember, much like this article talks about how you treat those who serve you says more about your character than how you treat CEO’s, when you’re on-line, you’re in public view. You should act accordingly, you never know who’s going to see what you’ve said.

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