Pics up, must get sleep

Put up my Gnomedex Album.

Had a great time at the party tonight. Met and hung out with Tanya and Jerry, who work for a company I promised not to link to yet. They actually learned so much about website development at Gnomedex that they want to go home and redo a bunch of their site before I point to it. How cool is that? And how much does that tell you about the info being presented here? But anyway, they are going to let me test out and review some network monitoring stuff that they’re working on, and they might even hire Angela to do a logo for them, they were so impressed with what she did for my business cards. When someone offers to do all that, and then turn around and ask you to stay up and hang with them, dance the night away, etc., it’s amazing how you suddenly forget about sleeping eh? Especially when they also promise pictures of the velvet Clint Eastwood that they have hanging in their office! I have so got to see that, it sounds so freakin cool! Yeah I’m either a geek or incredibly happily married, a good looking blonde woman asks me to stay and hang out with her and I do it for the software and the velvet Clint Eastwood! *L* Actually I’m both a geek and happily married, as is Tanya, so it was all cool. (No incriminating photos of me thank you very much, unlike some other people from what I understand. “Daddy, what did those other bloggers mean when they said you went to the Lumberyard to get some wood?” *L*)

Anyway, I also hung out with them instead of tracking down some other people I really wanted to talk to, like Doc and Ev. Oh well. You can’t meet everyone at this thing!

I also was picked out to win a Dymo label-maker, which I’ve been assured I will find pretty useful. We’ll see when I get home. (Honey I got us a label maker!!) 🙂

I’m off to get some sleep before hitting the road in the morning. Thanks to Lockergnome and all the other attendees for making this such an awesome event!

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