MSN Spaces

I’ve been a little busy this morning, but not so much that I haven’t seen the buzz generated by the release of MSN Spaces, Microsoft’s new blogging service. I’ve been linking some early reaction to it on the linkblog, and Scoble’s got links to a number of reactions, as well as his own thoughts on it. From what I’ve seen and read, it seems like a pretty decent service for the beginner. It’s integrated with MSN Messenger and Hotmail, you can share pics and a list of your favorite music, you get the basic blog features like comments, you get a full post RSS feed, etc. If you’re a non-techie just looking to start a blog, it’s probably pretty cool, but if you like having your own domain, more than 10MB of storage, the ability to design your own page, or just like to tinker, it’s not going to be enough for you.

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