I’m back

Yes, back in the office. Vacation was great, I was able to visit a lot of neat places, learn a lot of history and take in some Deep South culture in just a week’s time or so. It was very nice to spend a week away from the news, away from most technology, outside of my laptop and digital cameras, away from work, just living and doing things I enjoy, being out in the world, exploring! Most importantly, I was reminded of how important it is to be doing these things while we can when I returned home to news that one of the guys I lived with in a big house near the OSU campus circa 1987-88, died last week of diabetes complications. It just goes to show that life’s too short to not take the time to enjoy more of it.

Pics will be forthcoming, hopefully within the next few days. In the meantime, as a way of trying to get caught up, consider this a list of things in my aggregator that I want to look at when I have more time..:)

Pop-up Technology Improves -I knew the Google toolbar’s effectiveness had gone down.

Never Cross somebody in IT -Heh..

The Witty Worm, a new chapter in malware.

The Fall of the “itiot”

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