It’s a go!

Finally felt well enough today to make the trip out to the Apple Store with Angela to look into getting her eMac. We get there and take a look at the one model of eMac that they have, which was basically what she wanted with some customizations, like upgrading the RAM and installing the Airport card. Turns out that if you want any customizations done to the model, you have to order it online. They don’t do any in-store customizations? Sorry, but that’s lame. I could expect that from a Best Buy or CompUSA store, but from an Apple Store? They do have free classes though, so Angela and I might drop in for one of those sessions to get familiar with using it. We may not actually learn anything, but it’s free so it’s worth the time to try it out.

Anyway, we ordered the Mac and it should be ready to ship in 3-5 days!

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