Nice weekend.

I just had someone at work ask about my weekend and I had to admit that, for the most part, we didn’t really do much. But in reality that’s not true. I finished reading Gonzo Marketing, (which was very good, and really makes you think!) made some adjustments to the PCHelp page, went to work on seeing how I could incorporate a new logo that Angela came up with for me, burned some cd’s for our road-trip this coming weekend, went grocery shopping and even went out to pick up father’s day cards and a birthday card for my friend, Jen. So there was quite a bit of stuff done, just not anything worth having a conversation about, ya’ know?

Speaking of the new stuff on the PCHelp page, mostly what I did was go ahead and add a bunch of beginning Linux sites. I’ve been meaning to add these sites for some time, but kept thinking I’d wait until I created a separate page for them, but I never got around to getting enough info for it to be a separate page, so I just added a section to that page. Someday I’ll know enough about Linux to have a bunch of links categorized, but for now, these are good starters. The links I added are:

As far as the new logo goes, I’m keeping that under wraps for now. It’s a different size than the current logo that adorns all of the static pages, and it incorporates some text, so I’m going to have to make changes to all of them, and it will be a few weeks before I get around to that. I think it’s pretty cool though! 🙂 Update: At Jevon’s urging, I went ahead and changed the background and fonts to something that is somewhat similar to this page. That’s a simple change that I could do over lunch using Dreamweaver on my laptop. Inserting the logo on to those pages is going to be a bit more complicated.

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