A few RSS notes

Mark Pilgram also has an Amphetadesk Bookmarklet that will let you subscribe to a site’s RSS feed in one click. That is assuming that the site supports RSS Autodiscovery, which is simple to setup. You just have to add the proper line of code to point to your RSS feed in your Meta tag area. For example, the code for my feed is:

“link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”Life of a One-man IT Department” href=”https://www.mikemcbrideonline.com/blogger_rss.xml” /”

So you can subscribe to the feed for this blog, or the Child Abuse blog easily now. Yeah, I setup a feed over there as well, in hopes that it starts to grow. 🙂

Aggie, by the way, supports the Auto-discovery function as well, but there’s no bookmarklet, yet. That’ll probaby change by like tomorrow at the rate things keep moving. 🙂

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