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On Scoble’s link blog I saw this story from Microsoft Monitor about Dell pushing PC’s with XP Home pre-installed to small businesses. They see the growing number of small businesses looking to save a buck by purchasing the Home version as a bad thing, and I would definitely have to agree.

Last week, in the midst of dealing with the mess that is shipping a return to CDW, (Who, by the way have been absolutely wonderful about the whole process since our sales rep determined that they did, indeed, ship a defective machine to us. So much so that we went ahead and placed the order for the other two today.) I got a phone call from a sales rep of a local company. They specialize in web design, something we do in house, but she mentioned that they also build PC’s for sale to the small business market. Seeing as how this place is actually located between my house and work, I thought great, no shipping hassles, send me your PC brochure! Sure enough, when I got the .pdf, I noticed that all of their PC’s came with XP Home, not XP Pro. Cheaper, yes, but a whole lot less useful in a domain environment.

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