I went looking today for information on upgrading Angela to Panther and this little tidbit, at the top of the page, caught my eye:

Mac OS X has evolved. The fourth major release in just three years, Panther offers breakthroughs in innovation, ease of use and reliability that wonÂ?t be seen in other operating systems for years, if ever.

4 major releases in 3 years? That’s 4 upgrades over the span of 3 years in order to keep current with the OS, the latest one costing $129 on top of what you’ve already paid to be current up to this point. Can you imagine the shrill cries of “greedy #$% with their forced upgrades” that would emanate from every corner of the online world if another well-known operating system needed to be upgraded 4 times in 3 years in order to have the latest technology?

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