Is this really necessary?

As I do every week, I sent out an email to all of staff today with the “tip of the week”. This week my tip was to use the public drive of our network. It seems so simple I can hardly believe there’s a need to tell people this, but this past week has made clear to me that some people don’t really understand what it’s for. From people keeping things on floppy disks so they can work while filling in for the receptionist, people asking me to burn something to CD because when they send it as an attachment their boss can’t open it, to people having 7 copies of the same damn multimedia file that was emailed to them (making the attachments that I’m sure they still have in Outlook actually copies 8-14 of the same file) instead of just placed on the network where they could all view it when they wanted to, I needed to remind them to think about using the public drive to, you know, SHARE things!

Are other workplaces like this?

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